Mission Statement

Make that happen is committed to encourage african children to realize
that they have potential within and to believe in themselves. Our Aim is to give each one of them opportunities to grow and to believe in education.

Vision Statement

Make that happen’s vision is to help the children learn how to reduce
the negative feelings and stereotypes of education that occur in African society.

We are Innovators

MAKE THAT HAPPEN started as a thought three years ago. My thoughts was to become a voice, support and be a mentor to the disadvantage children in Africa. Helping, empower and educating the children and youth is something that I have passion for and I am putting that in practice in this Organization.

My trip to Sierra Leone in 2016 urge me to put my three years thought into Practice as I was seeing children not believing in themselves, lack of knowledge and a mentor to motivate them. I am willing to assist them work their ways through their long term and short goals and encourage them to work hard no matter the circumstances

My aim is to empower every children in Africa to believe in themselves and to achieve their goals or dreams. Another aim is to also educate them on Sex education and to reduce their negative thought on themselves from Sexual abuse. I am starting this foundation first in Sierra Leone and then take it to other Africa counties.