Donation outreach at Alisco orphanage on the 14th August 2019

On August 14 MTHF undertook an outreach at alisco orphanage. We received a warm welcome from the kids who were happy to see us. MTHF wanted to do something different for them, as children without parents, I can’t imagine the way they are living. Creating a platform were children can express themselves is MTHF sole aim. MTHF is committed in creating a stable environment for children were they can study, play and build up their capacity. We visited Alisco orphanage to give the orphan children the love they deserve. At first we did their laundry, making sure that they have cleaned clothes to wear, while the women of MTHF were cooking some quality food for everyone. Many orphans wanted to play football but however, not too much attention is put on that. However our visit comes with encouragement for the kids to play football, so we played a football match between Alisco orphanage children Vs Make that Happen volunteers. Even though we lost the game, we saw a potential in each child that took part in the match. Making sure that, they have the feeling that they too can play the game. We undertook a reading project back in December 2018. So our visit in Alisco allow us to get a first hand experience on how the children are getting use to reading. Education is the key to success. MTHF help these kids with their studies, teaching them how to read, pronounced some words, helped them solving some math problems. Our aim was to make these kids feel encouraged, feel that they are not left out and making them know that, there is life after that orphanage. We want to become the brothers and sisters they never had .
Our visit produce a fruitful result, the energy from both the children and the volunteers was good. There was alot of fun in the laundry session, we washed all the dirty clothes in the orphanage. It all comes down with a healthy diet prepared by our hard working female volunteers. We ate and ate until we chose to eat no more.14th August 2019 was for the orphan children at Alisco orphanage. Thanks to God, our donors and volunteers for making it possible.

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