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We make sure we treat all our donors with respect and all personal information are kept confidential. Donors information are kept privately, we don’t exposure any personal information of our donors on the websites. There is an option for anonymously donation, which might be more suitable for some donors.

100% percent of donors donation goes into the cause. We don’t use any donations for our personal use, we remain strictly professional and trustworthy when it comes to donation. So, don’t worry, your donations are put into good use, your donations changes lives.

Our online donation are very trustworthy, all your information are secured and the donations gets where it supposed to be. Only the CEO have access to the donors information and never have access to the credit card numbers, only your name and the amount or what you donated.

The Foundation love volunteers that are passionate to always come on board and the process is not a hard one. To become a volunteer, you will have to email the foundation on reason on why you want to volunteer, brief information about yourself, your past volunteer work if any and what talents will you contribute to the foundation. The email will be on the website.

What you expect after you donate is a good outcome, which are changing lives of others or making them happy. We will also update everything on our website to show transparency and to see the work your donation have done. CEO will also reach out to every donor to appreciate them and advise them on where their donations will be going. 

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